Rodd Point House 2

Rodd Point House 2

This Project involved a major renovation and extensive additions to an existing Californian bungalow in Rodd Point. The original house layout seemed to be back to front, with the living room on the street side and bedrooms blocking access to the back yard. The architect reversed this configuration, placing the master bedroom at the front with an outlook onto the leafy street, and the children’s bedrooms on the northern side. At the back we added a series of new flexible open-plan spaces including a rumpus/guest room, living/dining/kitchen space, pergola and cabana, all opening onto the back yard.

Service and storage spaces have been placed along the southern side of the house, and include a new garage, store room, laundry and walk-in pantry. A large sculpted skylight allows for good natural light to the centrally located main bathroom. The new addition opens up to views of the sky, allowing for a great sense of space within a compact footprint. The design maximises the floor space of the house, and was designed as a Complying Development.

Architect Mark Szczerbicki Design Studio

Photography by Tom Ferguson

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