Killara House 2

Killara House 2

This project involved the restoration and extension of an existing character-filled functionalist-style home in Killara, with the addition of an unassuming low-slung living pavilion at the rear.

A series of existing rooms and new joinery items leads visitors through the existing spaces, and down a new stair into an expressive open-plan space with expansive views to the surrounding landscape. The centre of the new space remains column-free thanks to a large custom-made steel truss which supports the stacking sliding doors and the new master bedroom above. The pavilion is split into a quadrangle of spaces (lounge, alfresco, dining and kitchen/scullery), each with a different outlook and quality of natural light. A central sculptural skylight traces the time of day through a strip of sunlight which illuminates the pavilion at different angles throughout the year.

While creating an open and welcoming house, the design takes advantage of the superb double block with visual and physical links to the new landscape and adjacent pocket park. 

Architect: Studio [R] Architecture + Design

Landscape Design: Amber Road

Photography by Tom Ferguson

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